Mom Behind The Brand

Candance Patel Taylor, Supermama Foods, Moringa


Hey Mama, 

In 2015 I was living in Accra, Ghana. I was a new first-time mom, still recovering from an unplanned c-section, suffering from postpartum blues and simply unable to feel good. I was in my favorite smoothie joint when a bag of moringa (the local superfood of choice) practically fell off the shelf and into my hands. After reading about the "super" benefits I decided to give it a shot and haven't looked back.  

I began speaking to other women about my experience. Low-and-behold they all had a story with moringa, and most had been consuming it their whole lives - from getting pregnant through menopause. At every stage, moringa served a unique purpose in their healing. Fascinated and empowered, I realized that "moringa was literally made for moms by mother nature herself". 

Since then, I have made it my purpose in life to introduce moms everywhere to this "miracle" superfood and give it freely to those without the resources to access it.