Why is moringa so great for moms?

It’s often said that we as Modern Mothers in the United States (and a host of other regions) are “overfed but undernourished” because of this Supermama Foods sees moringa as a nutritional balancing tool to bring Modern Moms into their optimal health and wellbeing.  

Is moringa safe for pregnant and nursing mothers?

Unlike many herbs and supplements, Moringa has been well researched since the 1970’s due to it’s ability to help pregnant women and infants recover from being malnourished. Results indicate that pregnant women improve overall health, recovered from anemia and had babies with higher birthweight while breast-feeding women increased their milk production. Source: “Moringa Oleifera: A Natural Gift - A Review” in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research ISSN: 0975-1459

Here are a few recommended reads on the benefits of moringa as it relates to motherhood:

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  3. "5 Ways to Re-energize Your Day" - The Dr. Oz Show

What if I am not a mom?

That shouldn't stop you from enjoying our teas! Just as it doesn't stop our partners, husbands, friends and children. 

Where is your moringa from?

We use only dried moringa leaves from the Moringa Olifera tree for our teas, which is organically grown in Ecuador and sustainably (NON-GMO + pesticide free) grown in Columbia.

Why aren't all your teas certified organic? 

We'll get there! As stated above, our moringa tea is either certified organic or non-gmo + pesticide free and sustainably grown. Presently, we are a small mom start-up working with other small business to produce a premium quality product at affordable price with relatively low minimums. As we grow and scale our business we hope to be able to enable our production partners do the same.