About Supermama Foods

Supermama makes moringa-based teas for modern moms. Using our (super)hero ingredient, moringa, it's our mission to make moms feel good! Moringa, known as “The Miracle Tree”, contains 90+ nutritional chemical compounds (YES, 90!) including vitamin d, folate, calcium and iron. Plus, it's a complete protein. Each Supermama Tea addresses a specific #momproblem such as PMS, increasing the quality and quantity of breastmilk, insomnia, anxiety, low-energy, and digestive issues. 

Supermama's sustainably grown moringa is non-gmo and grown without the use of pesticides. We combine it with other super awesome ingredients to deliver immunity-building, milk-boosting, mind-clearing and cancer-fighting products that taste even better than they perform.  

That's not all, using the superpowers of the Supermama community we're helping mothers-in-need stay healthy too! A percentage of each sale is used to fund The Supermama Village, which provide educational and nutritional support to moms that need it most.