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Because of the yearly Money broking business increment of about $160 for each year of working experience, many young graduates, and work at home mums have started to consider ways to earn income online. There are many benefits to create an online income for oneself and this can be done by learning the art of internet brokering.

Benefit #1: I don’t have to go in detail what extra cash can do for ones lifestyle. There are some internet millionaires online that earn 6 figures, but frankly, one does not need to be earning $100,000 per month. A USD4000 monthly check is good enough and can provide a comfortable lifestyle for even the average “work at home mummy” internet entrepreneur.

Benefit #2: Selling on the Internet versus Direct Face to Face selling. For some people, who find it difficult to sell a consumer product face to face would find that the internet a great medium to market consumer products. Also others with physical disabilities but able to write may find that the internet can provide an alternative source of income.

Benefit: #3: It can be done part time and supplement a yearly $160 increment by $100 – $1000/mth just working an internet broking business part time with little financial risk. Instead of trading 5 years of one’s life for that $800 monthly increment, why not educate oneself with a money making skill and decide one’s own increment, combining it with one’s current salary and earning a double income.

The internet broking business model is great for individuals who prefer less hard selling or verbal communication and tend towards a written style of communication such as email or blogging. So if a double income that requires little face to face selling fits your idea of a lifestyle you want, an internet broking business model may just be your cup of tea.

Sales people can improve three things: their attitude (positive), mindset (the world won’t come to an end) and their performance, both of which are influenced by their managers. Manager must provide a roadmap for their success that outlines processes and procedures, yet gives them the flexibility to apply their talent and personality for success. An effective means of achieving this is Controlled Track Selling.

Think of it like a railroad track. If the track is sound, the train won’t derail. If sales procedures are sound, sales people will succeed – as long as the procedures are not so rigid…

Picture one – If the procedures/processes are rigid, like one rail on the track, sales people are asked to walk a fine line and sell using a formula, robot like. If they are give procedures or two parallel rails, and allowed to move across the ties or down the track integrating their own personality, they will succeed. Ownership and passion vs. formulaic and mundane.

Ask sales people to come to work every day and put his time and talent into the job. If they do, and managers support them, they will become more successful, and the business will grow.

Businesses are not money broke today, they are “people broke”.

This essential distinction has a tremendous influence on the success and growth of businesses today. Businesses spend hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly in advertising and promotions to drive prospects into their stores only to realize – too late – that they don’t have the sales people or sales managers in place to serve these potential customers as they arrive. Being “people broke” is a critical limiting factor for growth as businesses look to expand and acquire additional stores. As many have learned, it takes a significant amount of time and investment in personnel to get new stores up and running profitably. For many, it is quite surprising to learn how much hand-holding this process actually takes.

So, how do businesses overcome being “people broke” so they can focus on growth and expansion? The solution can be broken down into three areas:

1. Develop people from within
2. Offer a career path to every employee
3. Equip employees with the tools they need to succeed

Develop People From Within

When businesses look externally to fill Sales or Manager positions, they typically recruit from a pool of professionals employed at other businesses in the general vicinity. When this happens, the new recruits bring the methods and habits of their former businesses to their new position, whether or not these methods and habits match the established processes and culture of their new employer.

In essence, it’s a double-edged sword. The new Manager is hired to run the organization based on their past successes, yet they are expected to do so within the structure and parameters of an established structure which they don’t understand. In reality, what happens is that the new Manager changes the structure. This may result in a temporary increase in performance; however, since the rest of the team is not trained in the new structure, the long-term impact is a drop in performance and an increase in turn-over. We call this the “Flash In The Pan” – the new Managers come in throw some fuel on the fire resulting in a big flash which then burns out quickly.

Conversely, when businesses hire – or promote – someone from within the process becomes much simpler with better results. For example, when someone is promoted from a Sales position into a Sales Manager position, the individual already knows the structure; he/she know the way the business works and the processes used; he/she know the values of the organization, what the business stands for and everything else about the way they do business. When promoted from within, the new Manager is not intent on changing things. He/she is ready to take the next step in established structure, using processes that are familiar to the entire team, to continue to drive growth and performance.

A good analogy is any business software program. The program is structured to help improve business operations and includes processes that simplify and improve performance. When you buy the program, you don’t try to change the structure and processes, you conform to them to move forward in a positive, profitable manner. When a Manager is promoted from within, they understand what they need to do – all they need to have learned is how to be a good Manager and Coach.

Offer A Career Path To Every Employee

Within an established structure with clearly defined processes, it is essential to provide their teams with a clear career path. Employees should start their career with the business in the position of Greeter. From there, they can move to Sales to Sales Manager to General Sales Manager and so on. Having a career path not only clearly demonstrates the opportunities he/she has with the business, but also creates a team environment where everyone shares a common culture and goals. To complement a career path, businesses must offer an attractive employment package – a longevity plan that serves as an incentive for employees to stay at the dealership. This can include health insurance, life insurance, spousal benefits and the opportunity for substantial financial gain regardless of the position an employee holds.

For example, most Greeters are paid an hourly wage and typically see their role as static in terms of their ability to control and advance their income. If however, a Greeter is offered an incentive for every customer he/she greets and generates a card on, then his/her perspective, motivation, and energy change dramatically. This arrangement gives him/her direct control and responsibility for his/her own performance. The same holds true as he/she moves into new positions. For example, if a dealer sets aside a certain percent of every sale made by each Salesperson to be used as an end-of-the-year bonus or as a contribution to a 401K, it creates an enormous feeling of empowerment and motivates all the Salespeople to perform at their peak levels.

Equip Employees With The Tools To Succeed

Having a career path is only part of the route to longevity and retention. It is essential that businesses help their people develop. To do so, dealers must provide mandatory training in the skills needed for every job function for every employee. Training programs cannot be selective for several reasons:

1. Training builds an understanding that part of each person’s job is to nurture and develop people below them – and training gives them the skills to do so.
2. Training gives every employee the same opportunity to embrace new skills and apply them in new ways on an even playing field.
3. A star performer may emerge only after he/she receives the training and tools needed for success.
4. Conversely, a “superstar” in his/her current role may not have the mindset or ability to embrace the skills needed to advance, a fact that will become clear as training is provided.

Training programs don’t have to be complex, but be comprehensive and include motivational, organizational, managerial, sales, service, and leadership skills. A host of programs are readily available from auto manufacturers as well as specialized training organizations like Ken Blanchard or Franklin Covey.

The ROI of Being “People Rich”

Most dealerships embrace what we call the Totem Pole perspective – Dealer at the Top, Managers in the Middle, and Salespeople at the Bottom. This perspective is typical in dealerships where there is little training, no clear-cut path for advancement, and high turn-over rates. The Totem Pole philosophy can add up to an incredible expense: hiring a Salesperson who leaves within the first 90 days costs Dealers an average of $25,000 to $30,000; hiring a Sales Manager with the same result costs an average of $80,000 to $100,000. It’s no secret that retention is crucial in this business.

Building longevity – not simply retaining employees – requires a different mindset beginning at the highest level, one we call the Funnel. In this model, Salespeople are at the Top – they are the ones who put everything into the funnel; Managers are in the Middle, controlling what passes through to the bottom, and Dealers are at the Bottom reaping the rewards of a well-structured environment that follows effective business processes. In this model, employees are viewed as an asset, not an expense. Training, career paths and longevity programs are seen as investments with the potential for high returns – profits and growth. Using this model, dealers can create an environment that makes them “people rich” and that leads to high financial returns.

During this recession people that don’t follow money are left behind to struggle. Money doesn’t vanish, it just moves to another Market. If you are thinking about starting a home based business, you need to read carefully.

A good exercise is to Think “How can I make a Million Dollars per Month while helping people and having a great time in the process”

You see people have money and they are willing to spend, but you need to find that target market. Trying to sell products to a broke person is like trying to convince a vegetarian to eat a juicy steak, it’s not going happen, and if it does is it worth your efforts?

Let’s take another example “the air line Industry”, even though we’re in a recession first class tickets are always sold out. Flying first Class costs about $2, 000 vs $350 on coach. The only difference is 23 feet apart, the food and a little extra leg room. You see people are willing to pay on what they perceive as better. The Air Line Industry doesn’t target on selling to “coach”, because they are way to broke to buy or scared on spending to much money. They target “First Class Buyers” and that’s the way should run your business, if you want to be successful.

Targeting “first class buyers” has a great benefit, because it can be the difference between succeeding or going broke. Most people hate being sold, so you need to be careful when trying to sell a product. Giving free information first, by proving value to your prospects, makes them believe it’s their idea to purchase from you, so you don’t look like a sales man in their eyes.

Increase your value to the Industry, remember on the exercise”How can I make a Million Dollars per month while helping people and having a great time in the Process”

Don’t forget some important variables:

Mindset: How much are you Worth?
Marketing: Have a proven marketing system to leverage your time and efforts
Mission: Why are you here on Earth?

Carlos Anastacio

My name is Carlos Anastacio and I’m an Internet Network Marketer who enjoys sharing marketing tools to help others build long term success in any business. The information I provide has been tested and it’s proven to help anyone in Internet/Network Marketing. This is not a free ride whatsoever, but a true path for anyone to brand themselves and stand out from everyone else trying to pitch you their opportunity. Only you are responsible for your success, and as long you have the training, knowledge and commitment to have success, you will then be one step ahead of those people that are jumping from one opportunity to another trying to find answers all in the wrong places.

Knowledge is more powerful and valuable than any Breakthrough product or ground floor opportunity.

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