What's The Difference Between Folic Acid and Folate?

Folic Acid and Folate are different forms of Vitamin B9. Your Doctor may even recommend you start taking a prenatal (to get the recommended amount of Vitamin B9) years before conception, but what's the difference between Folic Acid and Folate?

Folic Acid is synthetic aka man-made and Folate is naturally occurring in foods.  

Proponents of Folic Acid believe that naturally occurring Folate doesn't absorb well in our bodies thereby leading us susceptible to dangerous deficiencies. While the Folate side believes Folic Acid increases our risk for certain cancers because our bodies don't react well to synthetic materials. 

Now that you know the difference it's up to you to decide side you're on, but the important thing is that you're getting enough Vitamin B9. Being informed is the first step so go ahead and check your prenatal now.

A deficiency could lead to birth abnormalities.

The reason we believe "moringa was made for mom by mother nature herself" is because it's packed with the vitamins and minerals mom needs most. Conveniently Moringa is rich in Folate and drinking it in tea form helps aid in the absorption of this vital vitamin.

Don't give up your prenatal vitamin, just let our tea be your back-up plan to healthy, happy pregnancy. 

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