What To Wear After Baby

The past four years I worked as a clothing stylist for a store called Evereve. It was created by a mom with fellow moms in mind. I would constantly have new mother’s come in and ask for help picking out clothes that fit their new, post-baby bodies. And at first I had no idea how to help. I’m not a mother. I’ve never birthed a human. I am no super woman. But over the years, and with the help of my fellow stylists, I was able to learn and recognize pieces that are ideal for moms’ new bodies. 

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     I’ve found that a lot of women are frustrated with their new bodies. They reminisce on their pre-baby body and long for the days when they could fit into their old jeans or their favorite little black dress. So I’ve learned to help not just moms, but all women, to love the body they have right now. There’s no wrong way to have a body. What are moms ashamed of? In my opinion, they can look however they want; they just pushed a human being out of themselves for goodness sake! In honor of embracing the new you, I’ve decided to share some fashion tips and outfits that have worked for new moms. 

     The very first obstacle new moms face is finding tops that coincide with breastfeeding. I’ve discovered that button downs and v-neck tops work the best. They make it easy for you to unbutton a couple buttons or pull down one side in order to feed your baby. Being a new mom is all about versatility and function.

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     I’ve found that “hiding the midsection” is a common request from new moms. My go-to recommendation is any pair of pants that are high waisted. high waisted pants, leggings or denim hid a multitude of “problem areas” such as the midsection and booty. These are areas a lot of moms are self-conscious about so it’s important to find a pair of pants, leggings or denim that make a mom feel comfortable and confident. The good news is that high waisted pants are all the rage right now so it’s not difficult to find a pair. Find at Evereve

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     Another way to work around those extra post-baby pounds is to invest in some cute flowy tops. The brand I always recommend when it comes to flowy tunic tops is Free People. Free People has an abundance of cute, colorful and fun flowy tops that come in a wide variety of sizes. Plus, they are often long enough to be paired with leggings! Find these and more at Free People 

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     Sometimes there are days where the last thing you want to do is put on pants. Or, you may find yourself having to attend a dressier occasion. Well, have no fear- the wrap dress is here! Wrap dresses look great on any body type. The dress can be tied as loose or as tight as you wish. Either way, you get a flattering fit. This is also a great option for breastfeeding moms because you can easily pull down one side of the dress to feed your baby! Find these and more at Evereve 

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     Finally, another easy option post-pregnancy is the classic shift dress. You may be thinking “But don’t shift dresses look like potato sacks”? And to that I say “It’s all in the layering”! Shift dresses are not hard to find and can be worn post-baby and also when your body bounces back. To provide some shape, simply pair a denim jacket with the dress. This creates a flattering shape because most denim jackets hit right at the waist, which is one of the slimmest parts of the body. They can also be styled with scarves, vests and sweaters. They’re a great basic that can be styled in a multitude of ways! Find these and more at Nordstrom 

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