Three Coffee Alternatives for Moms

Some of us give-up coffee for pregnancy/nursing and for others it’s health related, but whatever the reason coffee is tough to give up. Aside from the headaches, you’ll probably miss a piping hot cup on a cold morning, iced coffee in the summer or treating yo’ self to an espresso drink…

I’m simply not ready to go cold turkey on coffee, but I have cut-back significantly with the help of these three beverages:

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Dandy - I couldn’t believe this dandelion drink actually tastes like coffee, but it does and now it’s my go-to coffee replacement. Caffeine free, it can be made hot or cold and you can add whatever sweeteners and milk to make it work. Anything you did with your coffee, you can do with this!

*Add sweetener and chocolate milk for a quickie mocha.

RoyalTea - this is our moringa tea for energy and helps to clear brain fog and provide a natural boost; thanks it’s rich amino acid, vitamin and mineral profile. With RoyalTea there’s no crash and most Mama’s drink it during the dreaded afternoon slump. There is very minimal caffeine, the equivalent of 1/4 cup of black tea.

*Add milk and sweetener for a quick and easy tea latte…London Fog anyone?!

Matcha - this is the coffee replacement we’d recommend for the Mama who needs the caffeine, but wants to give up coffee for health purposes. Matcha’s got tons of antioxidants and caffeine, making it healthy and stimulating!

*Invest in a handheld frother and make on the stove top with soy or oat milk. 

Hope this helps, Mama! Let us know which one you decide to use or drop a comment if we’ve missed something.

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