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"Oh Sweet Mamahood!
It’s definitely not always the easiest.
Late Nights, Early Mornings. 
Class-Work-Life.. Whew!!! My schedule is literally OFF. Ha! But I love EVERY bit of it— i ❤️ being her Supermama! .

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Oh ! By the way —if you’re wondering what’s in my cup, it’s my SuperMama Royal Tea ☕️ from @supermamafoods . This tea is SUPER good & great for all the SuperMamas — Wanna-be Mamas. Soon-to-be Mamas. New Mamas. All Mamas!

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These Super Ingredients: Moringa, Ceylon Leaves, Bergamot and Orange Peel just makes it all the more worthwhile :) So—go ahead & try this moringa-based tea mama during our Valentines Day Special- it’ll have you feeling your best & ROYAL of course :)" - @jaynicolevee