Our Top Three YouTube Workout Videos for New(ish) Moms

Hey Mama, based on the InstaPoll we did so many of you are also struggling to get back to your pre-baby body or comfortable weight. I wanted to share some of my favorite YouTube workout videos that will help you feel good right away:

1. HIITY BITTY BIKINI by Tone It Up - this one gives me  such a good workout high, but if it's your first workout post baby then take it easy. 

2. Diastasis Recti Abdominal Repair Workout by Lucy Wyndham-Read - is so easy you can do a few rounds!

3. Hip Openers by Yoga with Adrienne - raise your hand if you have low back pain? Whether it's chronic or experienced after a long day with the kids, open your hips will help. 

It's not about losing the weight overnight, it's really about taking care of yourself so you have the ability to take care of everyone else ;)