In Case You Needed More Reasons to Love Moringa - This One's For You!

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Prior to working for Supermama Foods, I had never heard of moringa. And once I was told some basic facts about it’s benefits and it’s nickname, The Miracle Tree, I found myself wanting to dig up as much information as I could about the plant. From oils, teas, pastes and even raw, moringa has been used for about 5,000 years… Yes… FIVE THOUSAND YEARS PEOPLE! So I decided to find some interesting, lesser known facts about my good friend moringa:

- Moringa plays a giant part in purifying water in underdeveloped areas.

  • When crushed, the seeds act as a natural binder, causing fine particles, salts, bacteria and other impurities in river or lake water to clump together for easy removal, an important step in the process of readying water for sanitary drinking.
  • In certain rural areas of Sudan, moringa seed purification techniques are routinely being used- an economical and healthy process that can and does save lives

- The scientific community is taking particular notice of the composition of the moringa root, as it has been shown in lab tests to cause death in ovarian cancer cells {Source}

-Moringa leaves are a great alternative to meat because of the high protein content so it’s particularly useful for vegetarians {Source}

-Moringa is more than something that can be eaten and consumed. It can be be applied topically to treat wounds, bites and warts. {Source}

-Ancient Egyptian’s treasured moringa oil, using it as a protection for their skin from the ravages of desert weather.

-The history of the moringa tree begins on the Indian subcontinent around 2,000BCE. There it was used in traditional medicine for around 300 conditions including minor skin blemishes, asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease, ulcers, and tuberculosis amongst others. 

-From India it spread to ancient Egypt where it was used as a natural sunscreen to protect against the harsh desert environment and then to Greece and Rome where it served an important role as both an ointment and expensive perfume.

-Moringa has been shown to curb malnutrition in as little as three months {Source}

In this day and age it’s easy to forget to eat all the foods that can provide our bodies with essential vitamins and minerals. Whether it’s running kids around town, being shuffled from meeting to meeting or just living a normal, busy day, it’s easy to forget to treat our bodies right. So that’s where moringa comes in! 

If this hasn’t taught you something and convinced you of the benefits of moringa, try some of our tea for yourself!