Five Tips on Multitasking with a Baby While Working From Home


After having two kids and staying at home while working at home for the infant stage these are the Top Five Tips I Have For Multitasking With a Baby:

  1. Work On The Computer While The Baby Is Sleeping. Maybe someone has already told you to “sleep while the baby’s sleeping” well I’m here to tell you don’t (unless of course you are exhausted and then definitely DO). As soon as he’s sleeping, I run for the computer. I have a separate to do list for computer tasks, which I check-off one by one until that baby wakes up. Once he’s up, I shut the computer and don’t return to those tasks until he goes back to sleep.
  2. Fold Laundry & Watch Educational YouTube Videos While Baby is Fed and Playing. I put my laptop and notebook (for taking notes) on the changing table and press play on whatever topic I’m eager to learn about. My baby plays on his mat while I fold and sort laundry. This also works for doing dishes, cleaning the bathroom or any household tasks that involves staying in one space. For me, it’s great because I still engage with baby and get three important things accomplished.
  3. Find Your Workout Window. Mine is 8:15am - 8:45am. He’s calm and happy to watch me workout (in the building’s gym or at home). If I try to workout before or after this window, it’s always an epic fail. Even if you’re not a gym rat, find something active to do and do it. It’s not just good for the body, it’s good for the mom brain and easy to do with baby until they’re walking. 
  4. Take 30 Minutes at Night to Anticipate Tomorrow. I could write a book on this one ya’ll. This saved me. Stopped me from being late to everything, makes getting ready a breeze and even reduced the rate at which I have to yell at or get frustrated with my toddler. All since I started this simple practice of anticipating what needs to be done tomorrow and setting up my house to help me do it, faster and easier. 
  5. At The First Sign of Fussiness Stop Multitasking. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to get something done with a crying baby. My little guy and I are almost always on the move, but as soon as he shows those first signs of fussiness (pre-nap) I like to be fully present with him, get him a little more tired and then put him down for a nap. This really helps us both transition to the next task.

What works for one mom, doesn’t always work for another so don’t be too hard on yourself. The most important thing is that you try new ways of working and develop a system that works for you. Hopefully, some of these ideas will work or help spark a new idea in you. 

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