Are Breastfeeding Mother's Getting Enough Vitamin D?

Are breastfeeding mother's getting enough Vitamin D? Apparently, not. That's why your pediatrician will likely recommend you start giving your infant Vitamin D drops shortly after birth. There's much debate as to whether mother's should take the supplement (passing it to the infant while nursing) or the supplement should go to the infant directly. 

infant vitamin d supplement, breastfeeding

Well, we're not here to debate that! Regardless of which option you choose it's best, whether breastfeeding or not, to up your Vitamin D aka Cholecalciferol game. 

Lucky for you, Supermama's moringa-based teas are abundant Vitamin D and it's super easy to absorb so the benefits reach both mama and baby. So if you're not getting enough Vitamin D our teas will be there to support you and help restore your vitamin imbalances.