5 Ways To Detox As A New or Breastfeeding Mom

Candance from Supermama Foods here and like many of you I’m in need of some cleansing after the holiday festivities. I am also a new mom who's breastfeeding so drastic diet changes, juice cleanses and detox teas are a no go. We can still start the new year with new healthy habits, here are "5 Ways To Detox As A New or Breastfeeding Mom":


1. Find something to get rid of in your home, mind or feed.

Health is a mind, body, spirit situation. I cleared out my home of useless and unnecessary things last year, but my Instagram timeline needs some purging. I’m removing anyone and anything that doesn’t make me feel good. You could also unpack your negative thoughts into a journal (then burn them) or purge your closet. Whatever you feel called to do, do that.

2. Start the day with hot water and lemon.

There could be no better and easier way to kick-off the day and your detoxing. I add one of Supermama's organic Miracle Tea bags to my lemon water to ensure that I’m also adding the good benefits of moringa while removing the bad toxins. 

3. Cut back on sugar.

I’m talking about baby steps here because sugar is a delicious drug and if you cut it out all at once you might get sick, reduce your milk supply or suffer from other unwanted side effects. I’ll be over here avoiding pasta like the plague, removing Starbucks (because seasonal lattes) and ensuring there are no more M&M’s in my home (don't know how they got there in the first place). 

4. Get all the greens.

Just add more greens to your diet. It’s simple. You probably didn’t get enough green goodness during the holidays so grab a green juice, add some kale to your rice bowl or toss in all the spinach to your morning smoothie. You got this.

5. Nix something that your body rejects!

What’s the one thing your eating that you know is not good for your body? For me it’s these delicious Cliff Kid Bars that my son loves, but I end up eating. The ingredient list is good and all, but for whatever reason they make me extremely bloated. Consider them gone while I detox this month. 

Oh...and don't forget the water, but you already know that! I’ll also be adding exercise and stretching, when possible. Will check back in with my results. New and Nursing Mamas, what other detox tips do you have?


Candance - Chief Mama - Supermama Foods